Individual E-mail


The mailbox will be provisioned automatically for the employee whose job number is provided by HR Department and Chengyi College.(The category number is 61 and 51)

Notice: the following chart is thestructureof job number, and the fifth and sixth figure is the category number, such as 200561000101, 201151000072.

4 digits for the year+2 digits for the category number+3 digits forspacecode+ 3 digits for sequence code

4.2 The structure chart

The E-mail format

Job number/ (Notice: the custom name isavailableunder the Application Center section)

Log in (with PJU)


  1. By PC or The Mail of JMU of Jida Tong App

  2. Website:

  3. Enter the Mail of JMU on the website page of Jimei University homepage

  4. Enter the I集大(Jida)on the website page of Jimei University homepage.

  5. Download the Netease Mail

    Notice: More details are available on the mail login page.

    Password Change

    The mail requires the PJU for login and for more details please turn toPermit of Jimei University.( PJU, the accounts and passwords of Campus Network Identification , I Jida , Jida Tong App and so on )


    The mail works for long-term. In need of closing, send email the account which you want to stop using. ( Format: name+job number + telephone number + application for closing) and turn to the UI of Jida Tong App.