SVPN of Jimei University

SVPN of Jimei University is a system built for personnel who are on business trip or live outside the campus to use applications and resources (eg. OA, library, official documents, notification, campus-affair publicity and so on ) on the campus network.


  1. Log in enter SVPNon theuniversity homepage, enter the password or job number(job number inquiry) and then you can visit the pages you want (second typing password may be required for entering relevant systems)

  2. Jida Tong–Application Center or Application–SVPN–enter password or job number. (job number inquiry)

    Notice: Some applications are already integrated in Jida Tong thus no more typing password is required


  3. Don’t use VPN on the campus network. Because VPN will establish encrypted tunnel which will slow down the network speed.

  4. For computers:

    1), Controls will be automatically downloaded for the first time. And manual installation is available if it failed.

    2), Pleasedownloadand install JAVA and then configure it if you used non-IE browsers ( like Firefox, Google , The Cheetah Browser).

    3), After successful authentication, the SVPN icon can be seen at the system tray in the taskbar, which help you keep logging in the VPN after closing the browser: the account will exit automatically if there’s no operation in 10 minutes and entering password and job number is required for re-login.

    4). After the installation of controls, the user can send and receive e-mail, connect computers with remote desktop, operate campus facility through telnet and so on through VPN besides the resources listed on the VPN login interface.

    5),Failing to install thecontrols, the resources listed on the VPN login interface can be visited.

    3,Mobile Terminal

    1)the smart phones and laptop that support Android and IOS.

    2)No need to install browser controls.

    3)SVPN Client provided by VPN authentication page.

    4)Mobile terminal can only visit web resources(the ones listed)

    3, Related link:

    Install components and instructions of Java:

    4.The advantages of the system:

    1. Simplicity, the link can be set up directly through browser with no need to install complex configuration.

    2. Mobility, VPN can be installed by mobile terminal, like mobile phone and laptop, to visit campus resources.

    3. Safety, secure access to campus information through encrypted tunnel.

    4. Faster, VPN can set up direct links with campus according to your online operator with speed increased.

    5. Increased capacity, the performance and capacity of the system are both improved, which enable it to serve more online users.

    6. No need for opening account, it is open for all personnel and no procedures related needed.

    7. Unified authentication, the same passwords and job number as PJU.

    8. Single Sign On ( SSO), some systems are configured with SSO, which cut the need for login again for visiting JMUOA and I Jida System.


      (1) refer to the instruction of Network Center homepage:

      (2) Report to the Service for User of Network Center account of Jida Tong App.