IP Call to the operator of student’s dormitory networks.

The Campus Internet is mainly comprised of Education Network, which makes accessing resources on the Cernet fast. Due to the broadband of the operator, accessing resources of other networks can be slow. Our IP Call Service is aimed at helping Campus Network users access the resources through other operators at high speed. The users who have opened broadband service can bind the account of the network operator with the one of campus network. After it , the user can use relevant operators’services through campus network authentication. The current network operators allowed for binding are China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile.

Binding procdures

1.Register for the dormitory network.

2.Open the account of network operator( thebroadbandaccount, contact relevant operator for details)

3.Log in UserAccount Management of Cernet Online Business Hall of Jimei Universityfor binding( thefollowingchart illustrates the details)

Notice: the operator will inform you about the account and password of the broadband by text.

Client Authentication

1.Successfully bind the operator broadband account.

2.Log in the Client Authentication of Jimei University and choose relevant broadband service.