Permits of Jimei University

( PJU, the accounts and passwords of Campus Network Authentication , I Jida , Jida Tong App and other systems)

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The PJU is required for the Campus Network,I集大, Jimei University APP and other systems’login.

To gain theacademicnumber:

From the educationinstitution( colleges and so on)

Password change

Change :

1. Log in the Online Business Hall of Jida Tong Wechat Subscribtion–Basic service–Basic Platform for password change ( available on the non-campus network)

2. Click the Password Change on the PJU login interface

Password Lost:


1.Binding phone:

(1). Text 101+New Password to 0592-6182330

(2). PJU login interface -- Password Recovery—enter the new password and send the verification code according to the instructions.

2.Unbinding phones:

2.Unbinding phone

Bring your ID card or employee’s card to the Service Hall of Network Center to change your password.(The new one becomes effective immediately)

The access to thecampus network

It is free to access campus network at the office area and computer classroom (except the student’sdormitory,whichrequires opening account)(Online Business Hall of Cernet)

The access will be automatically revoked at the deadline or the student has finished his graduationprocedures.

Notice: For more details please visit the homepage of Network Center